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Partner With Us To Fight Disease

Conversant Bio was founded in 2006 because the drug discovery research model was broken.

It simply takes too long for drugs to get to patients, there are too many failures late in development, and the entire process costs too much. The lack of well-characterized, appropriately consented human biospecimens continues to hamper the development of new drugs.  Seeking to fix this process, Conversant Bio addresses these problems in a new way. 

From day one,  we’ve had one mantra guide us: Because Patients Are Waiting… ™


How does Conversant Bio help advance pre-clinical disease research?

Our projects begin with the researcher.  We spend time working with our clients to better understand the goals of their research and match these unique goals to specific inclusion/exclusion criteria seen in our tissue collection network.  Once the project scope is defined, we manage all aspects of the biospecimen procurement process.  Through our network of inpatient and outpatient sites, we manage IRB application and approval, employ and train study coordinators, review and monitor all patient consent and data collection processes, build project specific collection kits, and provide biospecimens to researchers. In all, we provide a high quality, end-to-end service for biospecimen procurement and storage to our clients. To date, we have been a valued partner on over 3,000 unique projects in disease research.

For more information about partnering with us, click here for a copy of our full brochure.

The Conversant Bio Advantage

Research moves faster with highly-annotated tissue samples:  Conversant Bio partners with physician clinics, hospitals, and clinical research sites through an IRB-Approved study to provide diseased and normal tissue specimens to researchers.  These specimens are critical to accelerating the discovery of innovative diagnostic, treatment, and prevention options for all diseases.

Patients want to participate in research:  With over 15,000 patients and a 94% consent rate, we have seen overwhelming patient support and participation in our collection studies. Patients understand the need for earlier diagnostics and better treatments.  All specimens are collected during existing procedures meaning there are no additional risks to patients. 

Conversant Bio fits your workflow:  Throughout routine clinical care, specimens such as blood, tissue, and bone marrow are collected from patients.  Conversant Bio seeks to utilize specimens that are already being collected and discarded so that they can be used for research. Our seamless integration with your site’s existing workflow makes working with Conversant Bio easy.

Conversant Bio works with institutions and practices like yours:  Most patient care takes place in the community healthcare setting.  Conversant Bio partners with physician clinics, hospitals, and clinical research sites so that research can be conducted with representative patient populations.