Normal Isolated Immune Cells

Human peripheral blood isolated cells, frozen

Sourcing quality normals from reputable vendors is progressively challenging with the rapid growth in fields like Immuno-Oncology. To help support industry research, Folio Conversant operates a proprietary donor collection clinic to provide high-quality primary immune cell isolations and services. This allows Folio Conversant to meet a variety of customer needs, such as:

  • Recallable donors for longitudinal collections
  • HLA-A typing status for all donors
  • Cost-effective sourcing
  • Faster than average accruals on custom orders (see case study)
  • Sourcing cells from a large patient cohort
  • Data matching for normal cohort development (age/race/gender)
  • Customizable project logistics (scheduling deliveries, recurring orders, screening, etc)

Custom Laboratory Services

Customized laboratory services include custom: isolations, aliquoting, processing of leukopaks, flow cytometry characterization, and more. Learn more about custom laboratory solutions here.

Donor Collection Technical Details:

  • Leukopak products isolated within hours of collection
  • Large and diverse donor network
  • NGS characterization for HLA-A (includes HLA-A*02:01:01G)
  • All donors are virus tested (HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV)
  • Isolations performed by immunomagnetic methods
  • ISO-9001 standardized protocols

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