Hematology is the study of blood and all of the components thereof. This study includes the blood, the organs where blood is formed, and blood diseases. Disorders of this system can impact the production of blood and other blood components.

Blood and bone marrow both play a significant role in the search to find a cure for many hematologic diseases. Whole blood and blood derivatives such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), plasma, and serum are widely used in drug and therapeutic discovery. Researchers are also discovering that there are a number of ways for bone marrow to be used, including studies in toxicology, cell isolation, tissue regeneration, and genetics. Additionally, they use bone marrow to rule out compounds for future in vivo testing and in biomarker identification and validation. Fresh bone marrow, bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMCs), and isolated cells such as CD34+ or CD138+ are a few of the available bone marrow derivatives available from Folio Conversant.

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In the last 12 months, Folio Conversant has worked with 200 research teams on over 300 preclinical hematology projects. How can we help your team with biospecimen procurement? 

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The Folio Conversant Advantage – Hematology Sample Procurement 

  • Quality Controlled Hematology Samples: Samples are sourced from an extensive U.S. based sourcing network. 

  • Hyper-Annotated Hematology Samples: The pathology report and demographic details provided with each sample helps you target the correct clinical profile.  Genetic profile information is available for the 10 most common oncogenes, accelerating your study and allowing you to focus on drug targets of interest. 

  • Site Development Team to Locate New Hematology Sites: Folio Conversant has a dedicated site development network committed to bringing on Folio Conversant exclusive sites.  Our commitment to increasing our site network means we are dedicated to maintaining an inventory level that will meet your needs and to ensuring patients are not duplicated across vendors.

  • Glad to Be Here:  Folio Conversant has an educated and responsive sales team because we believe that a reliable sourcing partner is essential to groundbreaking research and drug discovery.  Our team is available to help you find samples to match your specific project’s parameters.

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