Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs)

What are Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs)?

DTCs are a single cell suspension containing all cells from a tumor specimen including immune cells, tumor cells and support cells. The high percentage of viable cells in these readily available vials can meet the needs of many research projects. 

Market Need

Primary tumor tissue is an integral part of therapeutic and diagnostic research, but the logistics and budgetary challenges of obtaining fresh tissues can often lead to significant delays for research projects. The purpose of DTCs is to serve as a viable alternative to acquiring fresh tumor tissue. DTCs can be acquired quickly from our inventory, selected by many solid tumor indications and unique patient donors, and are more cost effective than acquiring fresh tissue and working through dissociation protocols in house. These viable single cell suspensions are useful for many of the same downstream applications as fresh tissue. DTCs contain all of the various cell populations present in the tumor microenvironment: tumor, immune and support cells.

Areas of Application for DTCS

  • Cell isolation studies
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Cell Culturing
  • Patient Derived Xenografts (PDX Models)
  • Drug response and target discovery
  • 3D Organoids
  • Sequencing

Specific to I/O Research:

  • Monitoring immune response and activation
  • Identifying novel I/O biomarkers
  • Accelerating translational development

Gold DTCs Now Available:  Flow Cytometry Reports for Sample Selection

Folio Conversant now offers Gold Category DTCs. These samples have flow cytometry characterization reports available to aid in sample selection.

Note: View the Flow Cytometry Report for any DTCs with Flow Data sample by opening the inventory report, scrolling to the right and clicking the hyperlink for that sample's report.


Get the Whitepaper

Here's Dr. Shawn Fahl to tell you a little bit about the work he and his team have done evaluating our DTCs.

DTCs Whitepaper:

Dissociated Tumor Cells DTCs Whitepaper

Key Points in the DTCs Whitepaper

  • DTCs contain high percentages of viable cells both pre-freeze (81.3%) and post-thaw (69.7%)
  • DTCs consist of the full cellular composition of the tumor microenvironment (tumor, immune and support cells)
  • All major immune cell subsets can be found in dissociated tumor cells
  • Myeloid cells can be found in DTCs

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Professional Services Also Available

Folio Conversant wants to ensure that you will get the most out of your research with our samples. Our Sr. Researcher, Dr. Shawn Fahl, is available to work with you in many capacities:

  • Protocol Evaluation
  • Ensuring your research team will have success with the acquired samples.
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Gating strategies, sample prep, etc.
  • Coming Soon: Cell Culturing
  • Coming Soon: Sequencing

One client who wished to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of their work recently said:

"We are clearly able to detect viable myeloid populations in the renal cell carcinoma DTCs. There appears to be fairly similar distributions across the three samples which is great. We’re showing T cell, B cell, NK, Monocyte and Neutrophil percentages of CD45+ viable cells."