Normal Isolated Cells

Human peripheral blood isolated cells, frozen

Conversant Bio now offers a growing list of normal isolated cells. Our in-house collection process and growing donor network allow us to offer high quality isolated cells at lower prices than market leaders. Every donor for normal isolated cells is screened for HLA typing. Maintaining our own donor network also allows us to recall specific donors for longitudinal draws which is beneficial for many research applications. 

  • Cost-effective alternative to in-house isolation and other suppliers
  • Quality validated via ISO 9001 standardized processes
  • Additional cell types in development 

How to Request Isolated Cells:

Identify the cell type(s) and criteria needed from the Isolated Cells Pricing Table.

Submit a request via the form below.

We will reply with timelines and availability per your request.

Isolated Cells Pricing Table

Click the cell type name to see the product information sheet (pdf)

Cell Type Selection Count Price
MNCs Ficoll 100 MM $325
MNCs Ficoll 50 MM $225
MNCs Ficoll 25 MM $145
MNCs Ficoll 15 MM $95
Monocytes (CD14+) Positive 40 MM $1075
Monocytes (CD14+) Positive 20 MM $725
Monocytes (CD14+) Positive 10 MM $575
Monocytes (CD14+) Negative 10 MM $675
Pan T (CD3+) Negative 20 MM $575
Helper T (CD4+) Negative 15 MM $575
Cytotoxic T (CD8+) Negative 10 MM $575
CD4+ CD25+ T Cells Positive 2 MM $675
Naive CD4+ Negative 5 MM $725
Naive CD8+ Negative 5 MM $675
B Cells (CD19+) Negative 20 MM $1075
B Cells (CD19+) Negative 10 MM $675
B Cells (CD19+) Positive 10 MM $625
NK Cells (CD56+) Negative 5 MM $675
NK Cells (CD56+) Positive 5 MM $525
Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Negative 0.5 MM $675
Macrophages (CD11b+ CD18+ CD68+ MHCII+) Culture 1.5 MM $525

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