Catalyzing Life Science Research and Therapeutic Solutions

about us1Conversant Bio's corporate headquarters is located in the world-class Hudson-Alpha Institute for Bio-Technology in Huntsville, Alabama. The institute's 270,000 square ft. main facility complete with laboratories, offices, and meeting space puts Conversant Bio at the heart of life sciences research. This environment allows Conversant Bio to stay on the cutting-edge of research and connected to the needs of scientists around the world on a daily basis. To learn more about the Hudson-Alpha Institute and the Bio-Tech Campus please click here and you will be directed to the website.

Our Mission

Improve human health by connecting patients, medical professionals and the research community to catalyze breakthrough research and novel therapeutic solutions.

about us2Our Vision

At Conversant Bio, we are motivated by the knowledge that the products and services we provide are leading directly to advancements in treatments and cures to the world's most horrific diseases. We are driven to promote new and innovative solutions to these problems and are here to be your partner in research and development. We act with the belief and knowledge that patients are waiting....and our goal is to provide scientists and researchers with the highest quality specimens with which they can develop and create real advancements that will save patient lives.

We have worked with hundreds of researchers and scientists to provide them with the highest quality primary human specimens available anywhere. We want to make the challenges associated with obtaining high quality biospecimens a thing of the past. Conversant Bio believes it should never take weeks or months for a researcher to receive viable tissue or cell samples. Our goal is to make obtaining these samples easy and painless and let you focus on the research. We work with you directly to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Below are testimonials from a few of our highly valued clients...

Our Clients

"The rate limiting step in our research into human disease is access to high-quality, well-characterized tissues. Conversant Bio is an incredible resource that has come along at the right time; their specimens are opening doors to research we never imagined possible in years past."

-Rick Myers, PhD, President and Director, HudsonAlpha Institute

"We need good quality samples so that we can understand the expression of our drug targets, to identify whether or not the drug is working in the manner we expect it to."

-Scott Patterson, PhD, Executive Director, Amgen, Inc.

"Conversant offers us reliable service and great flexibility in our need for prospective fresh whole blood. Their attention to patient detail, sample handling, fast turnaround time, and competitive pricing are just a few reasons we trust Conversant with our most important projects."

-Dr. Farideh Bischoff, Director of Translational Research and CLIA Development, Biocept, Inc.

"Conversant provides premium quality primary human samples along with detailed information on patients in a timely fashion. We routinely observe >85% cellular viability from the thawed primary samples obtained from both cancer and non-cancer patients."

-Obdulio Piloto, PhD, Research Scientist, Exelixis, Inc.

To learn more about Conversant Bio, please contact us at (866) 838-2798.