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At Conversant Bio we offer a wide variety of fresh and frozen human primary cells that can target virtually any disease, stage or grade with detailed patient annotation. From peripheral blood, bone marrow, processed and whole tissue, xenograft tumor cells, and other human biospecimens, we can meet your research needs.


FREE EBOOK: A Researcher's Guide to Immunology


Most autoimmune disease research revolves around understanding the nuances of diseases in order to develop potential treatment options. High quality biospecimens are an important part of this work. 

Autoimmune disease biospecimens open up possibilities to advance immunology research through sample specificity and flexibility. Downlaod this free ebook and learn research discoveries and challenges, auto-immune treatments and medications and more!


FREE EBOOK: A Researcher's Guide to Multiple Myeloma


Multiple myeloma is a hematologic cancer that develops in the bone marrow of the long bones. In the search to find a cure for multiple myeloma, understanding how multiple myeloma is diagnosed and treated in the real world is key. In this free guide learn how multiple myeloma is diagnosed through lab work and imaging, the typical stages and criterion for multiple myeloma, treatment options for the disease and the most common research challenges and how to solve them. Download today!


Slideshare: Biospecimen Sourcing Capabilities

We have worked with hundreds of researchers and scientists to provide them with the highest quality primary human specimens available anywhere. We want to make the challenges associated with obtaining high quality biospecimens a thing of the past.

We believe that a reliable sourcing partner is essential to groundbreaking research and drug discovery.  Our team is available to help you find samples to match your specific project’s parameters. 

Request Pricing & Availability

See What People Are Saying

"The rate limiting step in our research into human disease is access to high-quality, well-characterized tissues. Conversant Bio is an incredible resource that has come along at the right time; their specimens are opening doors to research we never imagined possible in years past."

Rick Myers, PhD, President and Director, HudsonAlpha Institute

"We need good quality samples so that we can understand the expression of our drug targets, to identify whether or not the drug is working in the manner we expect it to."

Scott Patterson, PhD, Executive Director, Amgen, Inc.

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